About the Church 教会简介

2020 主题 THEME : 活出敬虔,复兴教会 Living Devoutly towards Church Revival

我们的五大事工 Our 5 Main Ministry Focus
A. 两大外展事工: 宣教与布道、关怀与服侍
     Two Outreach Ministries  – Mission / Evangelism & Social Care
B. 三大敬虔事工: 崇拜与音乐、团契与小组及教导与门训。
     Three Piety Ministries  – Worship & Music, Fellowships & Small Groups and DiscipleshipsB.

我们中长期的展望与目标 Our medium and long-term aspiration and goals
拥有震撼人心的敬拜 Worship that inspires and touches lives
设立改变生命的祷告会 Set up life-changing prayer meeting
建立有异象的讲台信息 Establish a pulpit with visionary messages
成就神使命的门徒培训 Disciples Training courses that fulfills the Great Commission
推行有策略性的探访 Implement strategic visitation
推动能荣神益人的社会关怀 Social care that glorifies God & be pleasing to man
建造高举主名的礼拜堂 Build a sanctuary that will lift up the Lord’s name