25.05.2011 祷告会




Preserve, O great King of heaven and earth, all Christian Princes, especially our Sovereign and his family. [1]


O gracious Lord, behold all my enemies, and all that are in affliction; give them patience under their sufferings, and grant that they , and all the members of thy Church, may find rest, “where the wicked cease from troubling” and mercy in the great day of trial. [2]


Let these my prayers, O Lord, find access to the throne of grace, through the Son of thy love, Jesus Christ the righteous; to whom, with thee, O Father, in the unity of the Spirit, be all love and obedience now and for ever! [3]


O Almighty Lord of heaven and earth, I desire with fear and shame to cast myself down before thee, humbly confessing my manifold sins and unsufferable wickedness. I confess, O great God, that I have sinned grievously against thee by thought, word and deed, particularly this day.

But, O Lord my judge, thou art also my Redeemer! I have sinned, but thou, O blessed Jesus, art my Advocate! [4]

主啊!全能天地的主,我以敬畏及不配的心志来到祢面 前,谦卑承认我的众罪恶及不可忍受的罪过。我认罪,伟大的神啊!我为着我今天在思想上、言语上及行为上的罪忏悔。


“My Lord and my God,” I know that unless I am planted together with thee in the likeness of thy death, I cannot in the likeness of thy resurrection. [5]


O thou Great Shepherd of souls, bring home unto thy fold all that are gone astray. [6]


O my God, I praise thee for thy continual preservation of me, for thy fatherly protection over me this day; for all the comforts with which thou surroundest me, spiritual and temporal; particularly for leave now to pray unto thee. [7]


These my prayers, O most merciful Father, vouchsafe to hear, through the mediation of Jesus Christ our Redeemer; who with thee and the holy Ghost is worshipped and glorified, in all Churches of the saints, one God blessed for ever! [8]




  • 约翰卫斯理称上帝的名在祷文中是多姿多彩的。从伟大的君王、主啊、父啊、天地的主、我主我神、牧者、慈悲的父等名称。
  • 约翰卫斯理称呼上帝的名是非常自然的,非出自勉强的。
  • 既然是无任何阻碍,约翰卫斯理也非常坦率,在这位神目前直求了。
  • 他期望在这位神里面得享安息。






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