08.06.2011 祷告会





O Most great and mighty Lord, the possessor of heaven and earth, all the angels rejoice in blessing and praising thee, the Father of spirits; for “thou hast created all things, and in wisdom hast thou made them all,” and spread thy tender mercies over all thy works. We desire thankfully to acknowledge thy bounty to us, among the rest of thy creatures, and thy particular grace and favour to us in Jesus Christ, our merciful Redeemer. O gives us a deep sense of that love which gave Him to die for us, that he might be “the Author of eternal salvation to all them that obey Him.”


O that we might ever approach thee with delight, and feel it the joy of our hearts to think of thee, to praise thee, to give thee thanks, and to offer ourselves with absolute resignation to thee. O that mercy may always please us, as it pleaseth thee; that we may be strictly just and righteous; may cheerfully pass by injuries, freely deny ourselves whatever is not for thy glory; willingly submit to thy fatherly corrections, and perform the duties of our several relations with singleness.

这样, 我们可以直接以欢欣的心来亲近祢,一旦想到祢,赞美、感谢与喜乐之心涌流于心田,并将自己完全献上于祢。这喜悦不但在于人也在于神,如此,我们才能拥有公平与公义。受伤者有欢笑,不荣耀祢的,让我们在自由中就知道如何拒绝,乐意让父神来改正并执行我们之职责与单亲有关系的生活之需要。

Fulfil, most merciful Lord, all our petitions; and as thou hast graciously protected us this night, so accompany us all this day with thy blessing, that we may please thee in body and soul, and be safe under thy defence, who art ever nigh unto all those that call upon thee.


We recommend to thee all our friends neighbours, all the poor, the sick, and the afflicted, desiring those mercies for them which we should ask for ourselves, were we in their condition. “O God, whose never-failing providence ordereth all things both in heaven and earth, keep them and us, we beseech thee, from all hurtful things, and give us those things which are profitable for us, according to thine abundant mercy in our lord Jesus;” in words we conclude our supplication unto thee, saying, “Our Father…”




  • 上帝是我们的造物主并照顾我们的神。
  • 我们应以赞美、感谢与喜悦之心来回应。
  • 我们不但要关照个人的家庭,也应关心他人的家,特别是单亲的。


  • 你有否为你个人的家庭代祷?
  • 你有否为他人的家庭代祷?
  • 你家庭的成员与神的关系如何?