祷告会 05.10.2011




(一)  禁食的性质共6项

(二)  禁食的因素共12项

(三)  反对禁食的观点之回应共8项

(四)  如何禁食共7项


(1)     提到此点我深信是被主所悦纳的,为主而作并注目在他身上,单单要荣耀我们在天上的父,向他敞开我们痛苦与羞辱在他的典章中我们有多项的规范。我们等待他提升洁净的恩典,引导我们往上看更严谨并诚恳的祷告,以便免除神的怒气并领取各种伟大的应许在耶稣基督里面。

I am, in the last place, to show, in what manner we are to fast, that it may be an acceptable service unto the Lord. And, first, let it be done unto the Lord, with our eye singly fixed on him. Let our intention herein be this, and this alone, to glorify our Father which is in heaven; to express our sorrow and shame for our manifold transgressions of his holy law; to wait for an increase of purifying grace, drawing our affections to things above; to add seriousness and earnestness to our prayers; to avert the wrath of God, and to obtain all the great and precious promises, which he hath made to us in Jesus Christ.


(2)     要渴慕如此的回报-我们必须提防,其次我们期望在禁食中神必定回报我们。其实禁食乃是神所立的,我们执行乃是应该而非盼望任何的回报。

But if we desire this reward, let us beware. Secondly, of fancying we merit any thing of God be out fasting.


(3)     禁食非以外表乃是由内心中发出,如此才能得到神的喜悦。

Fasting is not an outward acts is mere external service, it is all but lost labour but as to the soul it profitenth nothing.


(4)     要注意我们的身体与工作表现,许多时候因禁食过度而导致身体受损,我们注意身体是上帝所赐的,因此禁食与健康是平行的。

Yea, the body may sometimes be afflicted too much, so as to be unfit for the works of our calling. This also we are diligently to guard against; for we ought to preserve our health, as a good gift of God. Therefore care is to be taken, whenever we fast, to proportion the fast to our strength.


(5)     我们必需关照我们的身体与魂,让我们在不同的节日禁食中都带着一颗忏悔与悔改的心。林后7:9。

But let us take care to afflict our souls, as well as our bodies. Let every season, either of public or private fasting, be a season of exercising all those holy affections, which are implied in a broken and contrite heart.


(6)     在禁食中让我们献我们热情的祷文,我们的魂向他敞开、认罪、谦卑在他面前,向他索取我们所要的,告诉他我们的罪犯与无助。

And with fasting let us always join fervent prayer, pouring out our whole souls before God, confessing our sins with all their aggravations, humbling ourselves under his mighty hand, laying open before him all our wants, all our guiltiness and helplessness.


(7)     最后,哪一种的禁食是神所欢喜悦纳的呢?怜悯之工。人的尽上本分并于身心与灵的行动。徒10:4;赛58:6-9。

Works of mercy. After our power, both to the bodies and souls of men, “with such sacrifices [also] God is well pleased.”








  1. Œ今晚七项中的分享你个人由哪一项得到最大帮助?
  2. 分享你每逢禁食有否期望从神那儿领受任何的祝福吗?
  3. Ž今晚的信息中,你对如何禁食有否得着答案?