2012.07~庆典祷告快讯Celebrations Prayer Alert

为教会祷告Pray for the church

  1. 感谢神过去三十年来的带领
    Give thanks for the Lord’s guidance over the last 30 years
  2. 愿神透过三大庆典,激励八达灵新市堂的每一员跨出行动的步伐,在未来的三十年有更多的弟兄姐妹加入服侍神的行列
    Pray that these celebrations will become the reasons many more will step out to serve the Lord in the next 30 years
  3. 愿三大庆典将荣耀主名
    Pray that these 3 celebrations will bring glory to God’s name
  4. 愿八达灵新市堂全体会友、我们的子堂、马来西亚基督教卫理公会雪兰莪教区与中部教区的各教会能够踊跃地参与
    Pray for active participation from PJSTATE church members, our children churches and Chinese Methodist churches from Selangor and Central district
  5. 为三大庆典有美好的天气祷告
    Pray for good weather for all 3 celebrations

为筹备委员祷告 Pray for the Working Committees

  1. 求神赐给每一位筹备委员有饥渴慕义,寻求神旨意的心志
    Pray for every committee member to have a strong and warm desire to seek God
  2. 求神赐给每一位筹备委员喜乐的心、精神体力与管理的智慧
    Pray that God will provide the committee members with joyful spirit, energy and wisdom of management

设教三十周年感恩崇拜 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

  1. 为着节目与各方面程序的安排祷告. 各种节目练习,将在八月开始
    Pray for the various aspects of the programs and arrangements. Various program practices will start in August
  2. 为叶德宗博士为主题歌的音乐作曲安排祷告
    Pray for the music composition and arrangement of the Main Theme Song by Dr. Yap
  3. 为马来西亚基督教卫理公会华人年议会会长莫泽川牧师在庆典中的信息分享祷告
    Pray for CAC president, Rev Boh, who will deliver a sermon in the service.

设教三十周年感恩晚宴 30th Anniversary dinner

  1. 为晚餐节目计划安排
    Pray for the arrangement of the Dinner Program
  2. 为纪念品确认
    Pray for the finalization of the souvenir

宣传与祷告组 Publicity and Prayer

  1. 为宣传影片的制作和众人的回应代祷
    Pray for the promotional video production, and the congregation’s response
  2. 为 T-shirt和邀请卡的设计及印刷代祷
    Pray for the T-shirt and invitation card design and printing
  3. 为每个月的第二个星期三特别祷告的良好参与代祷. 特别祷告会将在七月开始
    Pray for good participation in the special prayer meeting every 2nd Wednesday night of the month starting in July

特刊组 Publication

  1. 为特刊的资料采集丶编采丶设计及排版能按时完成祷告
    Pray for on-time submission of articles, design and editorial
    目前,只有 7/21文章写提交
    At the moment, only 7 out of 21 write-ups are submitted
    目前,只有 收到 2/12赞助页.
    At the moment, only 2 out of 12 sponsorship pages are received

总务组 Quartermaster

  1. 为有足够的招待员的祷告
    Pray for sufficient ushers.
  2. 愿妥善地使用人力资源以提供全新的事奉水平。将出版招待员手册
    Pray for wisdom to optimise manpower usage to provide a new service standard. Will publish a Usher User Manual soon

<门徒>20周年庆典祷告Pray for the Disciples Celebration

  1. 为着参与者的路途与正确心态
    Pray for the For the participant journey and participation spirit.
  2. 为着天气与电流供应
    Pray for weather and electricity supply
  3. 为着讲员:Wini Grizzle – 健康、筹备、路程、讲座
    Pray for the Speaker: Wini Grizzle health, preparation, journey, and lectures
  4. 为着膳食与住宿的安排
    Pray for Food and accommodation arrangements
  5. 为着T-恤制定与负责
    Pray for the T-Shirt order and those responsible
  6. 为着节目与各方面程序的安排
    Pray for the various aspects of the programs and arrangements
  7. 为着交通接送
    Pray for the transportation logistic arrangement

团契周年庆 Anniversary of Fellowships

  1. 为着戏剧的写作。大概的想法已有,求神赐给节目组智慧聪明。
    Pray for the writing of the drama script. Although the idea is there, the program team needs the wisdom and knowledge from God.
  2. 为弟兄姐妹在工作和事奉上的委身代祷。
    Pray for the commitment of the brothers and sisters in their serving.