2012.11~Let Us Pray 4

整体早代祷事项Overall Morning Prayer Items

  1. 我们感谢与反思上帝对八达灵新市堂过去三十年来的眷顾。
    We give thanks and reflect on the Lord’s providence on this Church for the last 30 years.
  2. 我们感谢上帝让国内贸易部长已同意佳灵宅的购买手续与祈祷装修能如期进行代祷。
    We praise God that the Domestic Trade Minister has endorsed the purchase of Caring Home on Oct 24th and pray that renovation will be done in due time.
  3. 我们愿八达灵新市堂全体会友、我们的子堂、马来西亚基督教卫理公会雪兰莪教区与中部教区的各教会能够踊跃地参与。
    We Pray for active participation from PJ STATE church members, our children churches and Chinese Methodist churches fr Selangor & Central district.
  4. 我们为三大庆典与清洁日有美好的天气与电流供应代祷。
    We Pray for good weather and power supply for all 3 celebrations and clean-up day.
  5. 我们求上帝赐给每一位会友与筹备委员-健康的身,心,灵,同心服侍及管理的智慧代祷。
    We Pray that God will grant all the Church member and organizing committee a healthy body, heart, spirit, unity in service and wisdom in management.
  6. 我们愿这三大庆典,不会成为一种事奉的负担,但会激励八达灵新市堂的每一员跨出行动的步伐,在未来的三十年有更多的弟兄姐妹加入事奉神的行列。
    We pray that these 3 celebrations will not be a burden to those who serve but be an inspiration to step out to serve the Lord in the next 30 years.
  7. 我们愿三大庆典将荣耀主名。
    We Pray that these 3 celebrations will bring glory to God’s name.

整体晚间代祷事项Overall Evening Prayer Items

  1. 设教三十周年感恩崇拜 – 我们为着各项节目的准备祷告:华人年议会会长莫泽川牧师信息分享、诗班及多媒体呈现、11月11日和18日排练时间
    We Pray for the various aspects of the 30th Anniversary Service preparation– CAC president’s Rev Boh’s message, choir, multimedia presentation and full Rehearsal on Nov 11 & 18.
  2. 设教三十周年感恩晚宴 -我们为晚餐节目的准备代祷 – 11月4日实地考察,11月9日食品品尝, 布置, 多媒体呈现 及 周年纪念蛋糕仪式
    We Pray for the various aspects of the 30th Anniversary Dinner programs preparation – site visit on Nov 4th, Food Testing on Nov 9th , Decoration, multimedia presentations, and anniversary cake ceremony
  3. 特刊-我们为3三个周年特刊的设计及编辑代祷 (三十周年, <门徒>20周年, 30天的祈祷之旅)
    We Pray for the on time editorial & printing of the 3 anniversary publications.
  4. 宣传与祷告-我们为30周年多媒体呈现的准备代祷
    We pray for the 30th anniversary multimedia video preparation.
  5. 总务-我们为餐桌分配, T-恤和晚餐收费, 接待处安排和50名志愿者
    We pray for dinner table arrangement, T-Shirt &Dinner fee collections, reception set-up and 50 volunteers to serve.
  6. 团契周年庆 -我们为着节目与各方面程序的安排代祷-短剧练习, 邀请过去的团契团长与会员的参与
    We pray for the for the various aspects of the programs and arrangements – Sketch practice and invitation of Past Presidents and members.
  7. <门徒>20周年庆典 – 我们为着参与者的路途与正确心态祷告, 为着讲员:Wini Grizzle –健康、筹备、路程、讲座,与 为着节目与各方面程序的安排祷告
    Pray for the participant journey and participation spirit, pray for the Speaker: Wini Grizzle health, preparation, journey,& talks, and pray for the various aspects of the programs and arrangements